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Financing Power Plants


Scheme for Financing Power Plants Using Renewable Energy


State Bank of Pakistan announced the scheme for Financing Power Plants using Renewable Energy in 2009, with a view to promote renewable energy projects in the country. Keeping the low utilization of the scheme in view, the scope and financial mechanism have been revised to make it more attractive to borrowers and financing banks/DFIs.

The scheme aims to incentivise financing for large renewable energy projects (upto 50 MW) as well as for small scale renewable energy solutions (less than 1 MW).Under this scheme, concessionary financing will be provided through banks at 6 percent. This will translate in lower electricity tariffs for consumers and also help in promoting clean energy in the country.The Scheme contains two Categories

  • Under Category I: Financing will be provided for large renewable energy projects ranging from 1 MW to 50 MW.
  • Under Category II: Financing will be provided for small scale renewable energyhome solutions (less than 1 MW) in order to promote renewable energy among consumers following NEPRA’s Net Metering Regulations of 2015.


Financing limit has also been enhanced for different categories of renewable energy projects.Total tenor of loan is 12 years for Category I, including maximum grace period of 2 years.

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