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Small and Medium enterprises play a vital role in economic growth in both developed and developing countries due to their significant contribution in terms of output, exports and employment. Taking into account the enormous economic potential of the SME sector, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has undertaken several initiatives for promotion of SME Finance.

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1 SME Financing Data Tables-Dec,2017 Download
2 SME Financing Data Tables-Sep,2017 Download
3 SME Financing Data Tables-June, 2017 Download
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9 Quaterly SME Finance Review-Dec-2015 Download
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11 Quaterly SME Finance Review-March-2015 Download
12 Quaterly SME Finance Review Download
13 Quaterly SME Finance Review Download
14 Quaterly SME Finance Review Download
15 Quaterly SME Finance Review Download
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1 Annual SME Review 2016 Download
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1 Development Finance Review-June-2016 Download
2 Development Finance Review-June-2015 Download
3 Development Finance Review-June-2014 Download
4 Development Finance Review-Dec-2013 Download
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6 Development Finance Review-Dec-2012 Download
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